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PlayerAuctions CSR

PlayerAuctions came from humble beginnings - we were founded in Los Angeles way back in 1999 by a few gaming enthusiasts with a dream to provide a safe environment for player-to-player trading of digital assets. Our growth over the past 20+ years has been exponential, to a point that we now have a global reach, with members traders, and staff from all around the world. Our little company has expanded to become a melting pot of diversity and culture.

So, what's the point of all this nostalgia?

Well, we've decided to utilize our global reach and diversity to give something back, to do some good. We all know that one of the most valuable assets in this world is education. The PlayerAuctions team consists of a multi-lingual individuals from some of the best Universities in Europe, Asia, and the US, so an interest in education and it's worth is inherent in each and every one of us.

To make use of our full potential, we are offering free translations of content with educational value in a bid to increase accessibility to vital educational resources and, hopefully, make the world a better, more informed place for everybody.


Wallace Eckert


Science Theories of 6th Graders


Curt Johnson's American Football Rules Answers for Coaches

Curt Johnson给教练的橄榄球规则问答

Finding the Weakest Link in Person Detectors


My Internet Alter Ego


The Ultimate Theory of Personality


Paul Otlet Pioneer of Information Management

Paul Otlet,信息管理学的先驱

A Guide To Language Used In Computer Science Departments


Kidney Failure and Ultramarathoning


Emergent Collectives for Work and Play


Physics of Rowing


A New AI



The Right Kind of Confidence


Graphics and Web Design Based on Edward Tufte's Principles



The Human Ecology of Memory

기억의 인간 생태학

A Fun Talk on Teleportation

순간이동에 관한 흥미로운 강연

ELECTRONIC MEDIA AND EDUCATION Television video game and computer

전자 미디어 및 교육: 텔레비전, 비디오 게임 및 컴퓨터