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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is one of the hottest games today, and a multiplayer online shooter. A PUBG player versus player/battle royale game can reach almost 100 players participating, and the last person standing wins. Does it sound exciting? Play the game and find out for yourself!

PUBG Stats

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is an excellent multiplayer online game that’s addicting. You play game after game for long hours with your friends in a day. Even if your friends are not around, you might still challenge yourself to take on strangers and try to mow down every opponent in your path to victory. The game is fun that there might be a time when you realize that the sun is up already after playing all night! For sure, you will not get enough of PUBG.

As the number of games that you played in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS piles up, there will come the point to know your performance in those games. Wins or loses, you will want to know your statistics after all the games you’ve played. Do a thorough analysis of your previous performances by evaluating your numbers for improvement’s sake. After all, numbers don’t lie. So, how will you get your statistics from PUBG? You are in luck because PlayerAuctions has a tool!

Welcome to the PlayerAuctions’ PUBG Stats tool! You will immediately notice the weapons and items below the search box. Choose a weapon or item type to know more about them. You will see all of the in-game items under that category. For example, regarding weapons, there’s the weapon’s damage, range, speed, reload speed and accuracy. With the information available in PlayerAuctions’ PUBG Stats tool, pick the weapons of your choice and which ones aren’t ideal (the same goes for items). By knowing every item’s damage reduction, durability, weight, and so on, you can plan for the stuff that will help you in the game.


Looking good during a battle is a must. With PlayerAuctions’ PUBG tool, you can browse different costumes available in the game. View and choose from the different looks of goggles, hats, pants, shoes, gloves, jackets, shirts and masks to wear. Shooting other people is more badass if you’re wearing awesome gear.


For your general performance in the game, our PUBG tool can generate them. You can also search for other players’ stats! All you have to do is type yours or your friend’s PUBG nickname or Steam ID, then click “submit.” All of your stats will show accordingly to the mode that you were playing. You will first see the Overview of your stats. There’s a trend graph to depict the rise and fall of your performances in PUBG. The graph is shown “per day” if you are playing daily. There is also a section for your Lifetime Stats. Numbers here are totals of everything that gets done in the game. Some are the most amazing thing you’ve done in a game like farthest kill. Do you want to know how well you did in solo mode? Go to the Solo tab for them (the same goes for Duos and Squad).

There is a ranking section also, but this is for PlayerAuctions users only. To get your nickname posted so that you can compare your rank with other players at PlayerAuctions, just create an account on our site. Registering is fast and easy. Today’s the day to register.

These numbers don’t technically tell how good a player is. Knowing these statistics isn’t bad either. So, go ahead, try out the tool today!

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