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Sell Diablo Immortal Platinum to Players

Players sometimes find it difficult to acquire the rarest materials in the game through regular gameplay. Rare items such as Reforge Stones, Glowing Shards, and Legendary Gems are not easy to acquire unless they purchase Eternal Orbs. These Eternal Orbs can then be exchanged for Platinum, the semi-premium currency in Diablo Immortal.

With so many ways to upgrade one’s character, players will need all the help they can get. Sellers can not only assist these gamers by helping them max out their Gems, but they can also help them avoid the RNG-based loot boxes in Diablo Immortal. After all, why rely on randomly-generated items when they can instead buy everything they want with Platinum from a trusted seller on a third-party marketplace.

How Sellers can Get Platinum

Compared to Eternal Orbs, players can obtain platinum through a slew of in-game activities instead of being only available in the in-game store. If sellers want to have a considerable stock of Platinum available 24/7, they must know how to get the currency, especially if they’re a free-to-play player.

Doing the Daily Activities

Diablo Immortal has a lot of daily activities/quests that players can sink their teeth into, many of which reward Platinum. Every day, gamers will receive a set of these daily activities; they don’t have to worry if they don’t manage to complete them all since, they can stack and last for up to 3 days. However, completing the Daily Activity Quests as soon as possible is the best to maximize Platinum farming for sellers.

Going to the Marketplace

Sellers can find Diablo Immortal’s Marketplace in Westmarch, and it’s the best place to buy and sell for Platinum. If they have any high-quality equipment that they no longer use, they can simply sell it in the Marketplace to earn a bit of Platinum.

Making Progress in the Battle Pass

Like many free-to-play games these days, Diablo Immortal has a Battle Pass that includes premium and free progression tracks filled with rewards. The premium and free versions of the Battle Pass yield different rewards every time a player reaches a new level. Of course, one of the included rewards is the Platinum currency. Should sellers opt to get the paid/premium Battle Pass for Diablo Immortal, they can earn tons of Platinum compared to just having the free version.

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