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For RuneScape veteran players, Old School RuneScape hits the spot to quench their thirst for nostalgia. And like the modern RuneScape that we know and love, the economy of the game plays a vital role to the success of the Old School RuneScape and the modern one alike.

An in-game economy mirroring reality, buyers, sellers, and traders face issues of inflation, high prices, and the ever-changing currency value. However, real world economies behave differently from RuneScape 2007’s in some aspects, particularly because of the time many have to play the game, it makes the availability of financial organizations like banks, shops, stocks, or insurance companies difficult.

The Stability of OSRS Gold Price

Throughout the years, OSRS gold prices have had both periods of inflation and deflation. An example of this is when the economy was in a state of deflation for at least a year and a half before June 2009, that’s a long time for a video game! And between that time and the year 2011, OSRS gold price was inflating.

The effects of inflation and deflation are both beneficial and negative for RuneScape 2007 players. Merchants lose money in millions, in the event of a crash, as their OSRS gold value skydives. During periods of inflation, items become harder to purchase due to their expense compared with cash piles made under a less inflated economy.

The Grand Exchange

A trading system for players to purchase and sell tradeable items in Old School RuneScape, the Grand Exchange is basically the central hub for the buy and sell marketplace. With sites and projects dedicated to monitor OSRS market prices and other information on items on the Grand Exchange daily, it’s easy to see how much of an impact the Grand Exchange has on RuneScape 07. Ever since its release, it has done wonders for modern and old school RuneScape alike.

Tools for OSRS GP Prices

The Market Tracker helps to scrutinize how much Old School currency is worth. With RuneScape Old School as of now having a deflation state compared to RuneScape, the supply greatly outstrips demand, lowering prices

In addition to that, gamers interested in buying can also find information as to how much sellers would normally sell their gold for. This way, scammers who are charging way too much can be easily identified, be it on an online marketplace, forum, social media group, or other platform.

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